Saint Bruno's Catholic Church
First Sunday in Advent
December 2, 2007 - Bulletin

Welcome to St. Bruno’s Church

Bienvenidos a la parroquia de San Bruno

At our Sunday Mass, we come together from all our small communities and celebrate our oneness in Christ. Take a little time to get to know the folks you are celebrating Mass with.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, December 3

Esquipulas 7-9 pm Main Hall (Upper Room)
Confirmation Stury 6:30-8:30pmMain Hall (Upper Room)
Spanish Bible Class 7-9:00 pm St. Michael’s Hall

Tuesday, December 4

Legion de Maria 7-8:30 pm Pilgrimage
12 Step Group 7-9 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Main Hall
Y.L.I. 12-3 pm Main Hall - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Wednesday, December 5

Our Lady’s Prayer Group 6-10 pm Church
Holy Spirit Choir Practice 8:00 pm Main Hall
Gift Shop Opens 5:00-9:00 pm
Women’s Guild 11:30-1 pm Main Hall - 1st Wednesday of the month

Thursday, December 6

OE Group 5-6 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
RCIA 7:00 PM Upper Room
Legión de María 7-8:30 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Main Hall

Friday, December 7

La Purisima 6:30-8:30 pm St. Michael’s
Grupo de Jóvenes 7:30-9:30 pm Upper Room
St. Bruno’s Youth Group 7:30-9:30 pm Upper Room
Holy Spirit Choir 9-11 pm Church

Saturday, December 8

CCD 9-11 am All Rooms
Gift Shop Opens 7:00-9:00 pm

Sunday, December 9

Gift Shop Opens 11:30 am
Tongan Choir Practice 2-4 pm St. Michael’s
Gift Shop Opens 6:00-8:30 pm

Readings for the week of December 3, 2007


Isaiah 4:2-6; Matthew 8:5-11


Isaiah 11:1-10; Luke 10:21-24


Isaiah 25:6-10a; Matthew 15:29-37


Isaiah 26:1-6; Matthew 7:21,-24-27


Isaiah 29:17-24; Matthew 9:27-31


Genesis 3:9-15,20; Luke 1:26-38


Isaiah 11:1-10(4A) Matthew 3:1-12

Your Contribution / Su Contribución

We are grateful for your consistent financial support each week. Please remember us in prayer and offering even when you are not able to be present.

First Collection $ 3,123.12
Second Collection $ 713.53

Estamos muy agradecidos por su constante ayuda financiera. Por favor recuérdenos en sus oraciones y ofrendas aún cuando no pueda estar presente.


Saturday, December 1

4:30 PM

Troll Family (Deceased & Alive)

7:00 PM

+Lupe & David Oropeza

Sunday, December 2

8:00 AM

Crispina Simon (Thanksgiving)

10:00 AM

Familia Socorro Pineda


Silvia Lawrowska (Special Intention)

6:00 PM

George & Rosario Salvidar

Monday, December 3

8:00 AM

Asuncion B. Madeloso (Birthday)

6:00 PM

Rog & Dee Villaflor

Tuesday, December 4

8:00 AM

All Souls in Purgatory

6:00 PM

+Diego Ricardo

Wednesday, December 5

8:00 AM

Bernardo & Clara Yeo (47th Wedd. Anniv.)

Thursday, December 6

8:00 AM

+Betty Sarantes
Fabian Rodriguez Jr. (Birthday)

6:00 PM

+Concepcion Estrada
Gene Abourette (Birthday)

Friday, December 7

8:00 AM

Angel & Led

7:00 PM

Lucy Alfaro (Birthday)

Saturday, December 8

8:00 AM

+Fernando Dayrit

A reflection on the Gospel for the First Sunday in Advent

My father was a very alert person who often said he suffered from years of overdue sleep. For many of us, morning arrives much too soon leaving us sleepy and feeling as if we have not had sufficient rest. The sound of the alarm brings us, much too soon, out of our badly needed sleep and pushes us again to rise up and assume our responsibilities. During these times, it seems almost as if an illness exited, resulting from the lack of sleep. Then why do the Scriptures tell us today we need to wake up? It is because there are many forms of sleep? Will enough physical sleep allow us to become more alert, spiritually speaking? What type of sleep is God referring to? What night must we emerge from? Many times we appear to be sleepwalking when it comes to our relations with others. We pass people by, never realizing their needs. We listen to our spouses and children almost as if we are hearing the rain fall, that is, we pay no attention. Sometimes we are close to the grim needs of our community or in our city, but we prefer to let others do the work. It is also possible that we feel the need to better prepare ourselves or make an effort to advance our education, but allow laziness to dominate us.

Una reflexión sobre el Evangelio del Primer Domingo de Adviento

Mi padre, que era un hombre muy despierto, solía decir que tenía años de sueño arrasado. Para muchos de nosotros la mañana llega demasiado rápido. Tenemos todavía mucho sueño y no sentimos que hemos descansado tan necesario y nos empuja a volver a tomar nuestras responsabilidades. En estos tiempos hay lo que es casí una enfermedad y es la falta de sueño. ¿Por qué nos aconsjarán las lecturas de las Escrituras hoy que despertemos, entonces? Es que hay muchas maneras de estar dormido. El suficiente sueño físico es lo que nos permite después estar más alerta espiritualmente hablando. ¿De qué sueño nos habla Dios? ¿De qué noche tenemos que salir? Muchas veces andamos como dormidos en relación con los demás. Pasamos cerca de las personas y no nos damos cuenta de sus necesidades. Escuchamos a nuestros esposos e hijos casi casi “como quien oye llover”, es decir, sin prestar ninguna attención. A veces estamos al lado de seias necesidades en nuestra comunidad o en nuestra ciudad, pero preferimos dejarle el trabajo a otros. O es possible que sintamos la necesidad de prepararnos mejor, de hacer un esfuerzo por avanzar nuestra educación, pero nos domina la flojera.

For the sick, homeless, elders, youth, our community, our Priest, Sydna Konstin, Alicia Duran, Maria (Cuca) Olivas, Juan & Marta Ortiz, Carlos Lopes Fernandes

This coming Saturday, December 1st is the 1st Saturday of the month. Every first Saturday there is a rosary prayed to end abortion. We meet at 9am in front of Planned Parenthood, 2211 Palm Ave., San Mateo. Come and join us, for more information call Jessica @ 572-1468. Also Sunday, December 9, at 2pm join us in praying as we march under Our Lady of Guadalupe’s banner from St. Gregory’s, San Mateo (Hacienda & 28th Ave.) to Planned Parenthood (2211 Palm Ave. About 7 blocks one direction)

Este sabado 1 de diciembre es el primer sabado del mes. Cada primer sabado rezamos un rosario para terminar con el aborto. Nos reunimos enfrente del Planned Parenthoo, a las 9am en el 2211 Palm Ave., San Mateo. Venga y acompañenos, para mas informacion llame a Jessica al 572-1468. Tambien el domingo 9 diciembre a las 2pm acompañenos a orar y al mismo tiempo caminando debajo del estandarte de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe desde la parroquia St. Gregory’s en San Mateo (Hacienda y 28th) hasta el Planned Parenhood que esta en el 2211 Palm Ave. Como 7 calles despues de la iglesia St. Gregory.

“Follow The Star Crèche Display” The Parishioners of St. Bartholomew Church Present their Eight Annual celebration of the true meaning of Christmas music with family and friends. Enjoy warm spiced cider and the sounds of Christmas music while you take in the beauty of over 180 nativity scenes collected from around the world by the parishioners of St. Bartholomew Church. Friday, November 30, at 1PM to 7PM, Saturday, December 1st at 1PM to 7PM, Sunday, December 2nd at 9AM to 7PM. Free Admission, crafts and fun activities for children of all ages! The address is 600 Columbia Drive, San Mateo, at the Parish Auditorium. For more information you can call 650-347-0701.

El grupo: Esperanza para hoy de Hijos Adultos de Alcoholicos; te invita a sus reuniones, los Martes de 4:30pm a 6:30pm y los jueves de 7:30pm a 9:00pm. En el 7330 Mission Street, Daly City, CA. Para mas iformación comunicarse con Patricia al (650) 738-3172.