Saint Bruno's Catholic Church
5th Sunday of Easter
April 20th, 2008 - Bulletin

Welcome to St. Bruno’s Church

Bienvenidos a la parroquia de San Bruno

At our Sunday Mass, we come together from all our small communities and celebrate our oneness in Christ. Take a little time to get to know the folks you are celebrating Mass with.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, April 21

Esquipulas 7-9 pm Main Hall (Upper room)
Confirmation Study 6:30-8:30pm Main Hall (Upper room)
Spanish Bible Class 7-9:00 pm St. Michael’s Hall

Tuesday, April 22

Legion de Maria 7-8:30 pm Pilgrimage
12 Step Group 7-9 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Main Hall
Y.L.I. 12-3 pm Main Hall - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Wednesday, April 23

Our Lady’s Prayer Group 6-10 pm Church
Holy Spirit Choir Practice 8:00 pm Main Hall
Gift Shop Opens 5:00-9:00 pm
Women’s Guild 11:30-1 pm Main Hall - 1st Wednesday of the month

Thursday, April 24

OE Group 5-6 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
RCIA 7:00 PM Upper Room
Legión de María 7-8:30 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Main Hall

Friday, April 25

La Purisima 6:30-8:30 pm St. Michael’s
Grupo de Jóvenes 7:30-9:30 pm Upper Room
St. Bruno’s Youth Group 7:30-9:30 pm Upper Room
Holy Spirit Choir 9-11 pm Church

Saturday, April 26

CCD 9-11 am All Rooms
Gift Shop Opens 7:00-9:00 pm

Sunday, April 27

Gift Shop Opens 11:30 am
Tongan Choir Practice 2-4 pm St. Michael’s
Gift Shop Opens 6:00-8:30 pm

Readings for the week of April 21, 2008


Acts 14:5-18; John 14:21-26


Acts 14:19-28; John 14:27-31a


Acts 15:1-6; John 15:1-8


Acts 15:7-21; John 15:9-11


1 Peter 5:5b-14; Mark 16:15-20


Acts 16:1-10; John 15:18-21


Acts 8:5-8,14-17 John 14:15-21

Your Contribution / Su Contribución

We are grateful for your consistent financial support each week. Please remember us in prayer and offering even when you are not able to be present.

First Collection $ 3,345.04
Second Collection $ 1,17019

Estamos muy agradecidos por su constante ayuda financiera. Por favor recuérdenos en sus oraciones y ofrendas aún cuando no pueda estar presente.


Saturday, April 19

4:30 PM

+Gaudencio Paguia

7:00 PM

+Johnny Bradley

Sunday, April 20

8:00 AM

Poor Souls in Purgatory

10:00 AM

+Graciela Alfaro


+Michael Lawroski

6:00 PM

Giovanni Vera

Monday, April 21

8:00 AM

+Karina Gonzalez

6:00 PM

+Maria Quiambao

Tuesday, April 22

8:00 AM

Johana Abrera (Birthday)

6:00 PM

Aurora Rothenberg (Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, April 23

8:00 AM

+Maria Quiamboa

Thursday, April 24

8:00 AM

Ivica Milicevic

6:00 PM

+Vicente Cruz

Friday, April 25

8:00 AM

+Rosa Cabauatan

6:00 PM

+Maria Quiambao

Saturday, April 26

8:00 AM

Ivica Milicevic

A reflection on the Gospel for Fifth Sunday of Easter

There are many things in our lives, work, and families that can make us lose our composure. Jesus tells us today not to lose our calm but to remain at peace. The road of life is filled with many highs and lows, problems and conflicts. There are times when we wished the journey would end or at least it could be make easier. But Jesus insists that we remain at peace and have no fear. He promises that at the end of this journey we will find a happier home, the house of God the Father. Jesus is the one man who has embarked on the entire journey—his and ours, here on earth, with faithfulness and love, leaving behind the footprints that lead us safely to the house of the Father. What are these footprints? They are the words of love and compassion. Countless people have made it simply by following the footprints of Jesus. They have followed his footprints by proclaiming love and hope, with compassion toward others and fighting for justice. They have made it and there wait for us. This is the reason for our hope and for the spirit to continue on our journey.

Una reflexión sobre el Evangelio del Quinto Domingo de Pascua

Hay muchas cosas en nuestra vida, en el trbajo y en la familia que podrían hacernos perder la calma. Hoy Jesús nos dice que no perdamos la calma, que estemos en paz. En el camino de la vida hay muchos altibajo, muchos problemas y conflictos y a veces querríamos que ya se acabara el camino, o que se nos hiciera más fácil. Pero Jesús nos insiste: tengan paz, no teman. Él nos promete que el fin del camino es la casa más feliz, el hogar del Padre Dios. Jesús ha sido el hombre que ha recorrido el camino—el suyo y el nuestro, aquí en la tierra, con fidelidad y amor y nos ha dejado huellas que nos guiarán con seguridad hasta la casa del Padre. ¿Cuáles son esas huellas? Las de las obras de amor y la compasión. Han seguido las huellas de Jesús anunciando el amor y la esperanza, teniendo compasión hacia los demás, luchando por la justicia. Ellos han llegado y allí nos esperan. Y esto es la razón de nuestra esperanza y de nuestro ánimo para seguir caminando.

For the sick, homeless, elders, youth, our community, our Priest, Sydna Konstin, Alicia Duran, Maria Olivas, Juan & Marta Ortiz, Vince Jimenez, Raul Jimenez, Angela Sierro-Brusseau, Athena Olivas, Ana Maria Olivas-Flores, Teresa Lopez.

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