Saint Bruno's Catholic Church
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 8th, 2009 - Bulletin

Welcome to St. Bruno’s Church

Bienvenidos a la parroquia de San Bruno

At our Sunday Mass, we come together from all our small communities and celebrate our oneness in Christ. Take a little time to get to know the folks you are celebrating Mass with.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, February 9th

Esquipulas 7-9 pm Main Hall (Upper Room)
Confirmation Study 6:30-8:30pm Main Hall (Upper Room)
Spanish Bible Class 7-9:00 pm St. Michael’s Hall

Tuesday, February 10th

Legion de Maria 7-8:30 pm Pilgrimage
12 Step Group 7-9 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Church
Y.L.I. 12-3 pm Main Hall - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Wednesday, February 11th

Our Lady’s Prayer Group 6-10 pm Church
Gift Shop Opens 5:00-9:00 pm
Women’s Guild 11:30-1 pm Main Hall - 1st Wednesday of the month

Thursday, February 12th

OE Group 5-6 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
RCIA 7:00 PM Small room by the kitchen
Legión de María 7-8:30 pm St. Gabriel’s Hall
Tongan Choir Practice 8-9:30 pm Church
2nd Thursday Meeting 7:30 pm Upper Room
Finance Committee Contact person Maritza A.
Finance Council Contact person Lola L.

Friday, February 13th

La Purisima 6:30-8:30 pm St. Michael’s
Grupo de Jóvenes 7:30-9:30 pm Upper Room
2nd Friday Meeting 7:00 pm Upper Room
Liturgy Contact person Pamela R.

Saturday, February 14th

CCD 9-11 am All Rooms
Gift Shop Opens 7:00-9:00 pm

Sunday, February 15th

Gift Shop Opens 11:30 am
Tongan Choir Practice 2-4 pm St. Michael’s
Gift Shop Opens 6:00-8:30 pm

Readings for the week of February 9, 2008


Genesis 1:1-19; Mark 6:53-56


Genesis 1:20—2:4a; Mark 7:1-13


Genesis 2:4b-9, 15-17; Mark 7:14-23


Genesis 2:18-25; Mark 7:24-30


Genesis 3:1-8; Mark 7:31-37


Genesis 3:9-24; Mark 8:1-10


Levitico 13:1-2; Mark 1:40-45

Your Contribution / Su Contribución

We are grateful for your consistent financial support each week. Please remember us in prayer and offering even when you are not able to be present.

First Collection $3,095.41
Second Collection $1,058.53

Estamos muy agradecidos por su constante ayuda financiera. Por favor recuérdenos en sus oraciones y ofrendas aún cuando no pueda estar presente.


Saturday, February 7th

4:30 PM

+Dr. Fautino H. Reyes (Deceased)

7:00 PM

Familia Eduardo Martinez

Sunday, February 8th

8:00 AM

Remedios Cabusora (Healing)

10:00 AM

Jose Hernandez


Christopher & Jennifer Montales

6:00 PM

All Souls in Purgatory

Monday, February 9th

8:00 AM

+Fr. Michael Cruickshank (Deceased)

6:00 PM

+King King Castro (Deceased)

Tuesday, February 10th

8:00 AM

+Josephine Conway (Deceased)

6:00 PM

Rog & Dee Villaflor (Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, February 11th

8:00 AM

+Jose Luis Ponce (Deceased)

Thursday, February 12th

8:00 AM

Holy Souls

6:00 PM

+Eddy Villa Rosa Sr. (Deceased)

Friday, February 13th

8:00 AM

+Gaudencio Paguia (Deceased)

6:00 PM

Lana Tiongco

Saturday, February 14th

8:00 AM

Ana Policar (Birthday)

A reflection on the Gospel for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Internet has truly made news fast. It seems as if nowadays distance were nonexistent. If We want to communicate with a relative or a friend who lives in another country, we can write an e-mail at home or the local library, and he or she receives it immediately. If we want to send some pictures, we can send them through the Internet, and they arrive the moment we hit “send.” The Internet allows us to very quickly communicate news we want to share, above all good news such as the birth of a child, a promotion at work, or the good result of a medical exam. When something good has happened to us, we want to share it with as many people as possible—and as quickly as possible. It is hard to keep good news to oneself. One feels as if one has to proclaim it to the four corners of the world. Something similar happened to Jesus, who went from town to town preaching the Reign of God. The announcement of a new world, one that would truly reflect the will of God, was the message that Jesus could not keep to himself. He had to proclaim it, not because someone was making him do it, but because for him this was great news, the good news, and he knew that he had to share it with the entire world. The Reign of God had started to take root and its effects were starting to show: Simon’s mother - in - law’s fever disappeared, the sick were healed, demons were expelled, and the people opened their hearts to Jesus’ preaching.

Una reflexión sobre el evangelio del Quinto domingo del tiempo Ordinario

Internet ha hecho que las noticias vuelen de verdad. Parece como si hoy en día no existiese la distancia. Si queremos contarle algo a un familiar o amigo que vive en otro país, le escribimos un correo electrónico y lo recibe inmediatamente. Si queremos mandar una fotos, se las mandamos por Internet y llegan ahí mismo. Internet nos ayuda a comunicar acquellas noticias que queremos compartir a toda prisa. Sobre todo, las buenas noticias: el nacimiento de un nuevo hijo, una promoción en el trabajo o los buenos resultados de un examen médico. Cuando nos ha pasado algo bueno, queremos compartirlo con cuenta más gente mejor. Y lo más rápidamente posible. Es difícil guardarse las buenas noticias para uno mismo. Uno siente que las tiene que proclamar a los cuatro vientos. Algo similar le pasaba a Jesús, quién iba de aldea predicando el Reino de Dios. El anuncio de un nuevo mundo, que refleje la voluntad de Dios, era el mensaje que Jesús no podía guardarse para sí mismo. Lo tenía que proclamar, no porque algien lo obligase, sino porque para él esto era la gran noticia, y sabía que tenía que compartir con todo el mundo. El Reino de Dios había comenzado a echar raíces y su efecto se empezaba a notar: la fiebre de la suegra de Simón desaparecía, los enfermos sanaban, los demonios eran expulsados y la gente abría sus corazones a la predicación de Jesús.

the sick, Vince Jimenez, Maria Robledo-Mora, Maria Olivas, Miguel Aquino, James Moye, Sergio Cangura, Carlo Soberano, Athena Olivas, Robert Flores.

The same Christ who prayed in lonely places said: “When you pray, go into your room, and pray to your Father in secret.” We would not imagine then that the lonely place is necessarily a place far away, or that by room he means four walls that separate us phycically from others. The room is the room within ourselves. It is the room of our innermost heart, where our plans are hatched, where our hopes reside, where our true self is to be found. This room is with us at all times. We carry it around wherever we go. We should make it a place where we can retreat, a home where we find rest and spiritual recovery when “the world is too much with us”. Then we will make an exciting discovery that the inner room is not empty after all, but is occupied by the God of love who dwells in us all.
El mismo Cristo que oraba en lugares solitarios dijo: “Cuando ores, ve a tu cuarto y ora al Padre en secreto.” No podríamos imaginarnos entonces que un lugar solitario es necesariamente un lugar lejos, o que al decir cuarto Jesús quiso decir cuatro paredes que nos separen físicamente de los demás. Este cuarto es el cuarto dentro de nosotros mismos. Es el cuarto de lo más profundo de nuestro corazón, en donde nacen nuestros planes, donde viven nuestras esperanzas, y donde se encuentra nuestra propia verdad. Este cuarto está con nosotros todo el tiempo. Lo llevamos con nosotros dondequiera que vamos. Deberíamos hacer de este cuarto un lugar en donde podamos retirarnos, una casa en donde podamos recobrarnos espiritualmente y descansar especialmente en aquella ocasiones “cuando el mundo se haga muy pesado.” Entonces haremos un agradable descubrimiento, que el cuarto dentro de nosotros no está ocupado por el amor de Dios que habita en nosotros.